11 moments that made them proud to be a nurse

Celebrating Nurses Across HCA Healthcare National Nurses Week 2018 with 11 headshots

During National Nurses Week, we celebrate our nurses and recognize their commitment to delivering exceptional care every day. This year, as HCA Healthcare celebrates its 50th anniversary, we reflect on our nursing legacy; its deep roots and profound impact. Across HCA Healthcare, our nursing community has grown to 87,000 strong, which includes more than 2,000 nurses practicing in our physician practices and urgent care centers, serving in leadership roles and supporting our facilities. Our nurses are the heart of our company and this week, we honor their unyielding commitment to caring for and improving human life.

Please join us in celebrating National Nurses Week by reading about moments that have made these exceptional team members proud to be a nurse.

“Every year, we have a Celebration of Life for our patients. Getting to celebrate survivorship with these patients is such a gift and makes you realize there is nowhere else you’d rather be.”

Shay Martin, RN, CPON, Rocky Mountain Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Denver, Colorado

“For me it was helping my mom as she went through the diagnosis, treatment, and end-stage of pancreatic cancer. I had only been a nurse for about three years, but I felt like I could contribute by being able to help her navigate through the medical world during a very tough diagnosis.”

Audrey Rushing, RN, Clinical Manager, College Park Family Care in Overland Park, Kansas

“I recently lost a patient to cervical cancer. About a week later, her husband came into the office to talk to the doctor. He was not in the office, so I talked to him for an hour. He only wanted to let us know that in her final days all she wanted to do was come and thank us for our service to her. We spent time talking about her and remembering her through good and bad times. I tried to focus him on his plans for the future. This was a very rewarding conversation that brought to light our dedication to our patients.”

Wendi Osborne, LPN, Virginia Gynecologic Oncology, Richmond, Virginia

“Whenever a patient recognizes me and talks to me outside of the office, or introduces me to their family by saying, ‘she helps take care of me.” That makes me proud to be a nurse.”

Debra Fullerton, RN, Heart Center at St. Mark’s, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Hearing from a colleague that they always enjoy receiving my patient’s at shift change because the care I provide is thorough, excellent, and the patients always in the best state possible. I was still considered a new graduate at the time, so this was a tremendous compliment to receive and made me smile knowing that I was, in fact, providing excellent care to my patients.”

Megan D. Corsetti, Clinical Supervisor RN, Appledore Family Medicine, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“I was taking care of a teenage boy, who was frequently admitted to our floor for treatments. He always seemed unhappy and would rarely engage in conversations. One day, I was wearing a rust-colored scrub dress, and as I entered his room he said, “You look like a Luby’s waitress.” He was almost smiling as he said it. I then brought him a selection on a tray of tea, milk, and juice. This time he smiled! Several days later he was discharged from the hospital, and he and his mother returned to our unit and asked for me. He handed me a bag and told me to open it. I pulled out an ID badge that said, “Luby’s Waitress Charlotte.” I still have the badge and smile every time I look at it. I believe I made a rare connection in his life; and maybe added a little bit of humor to it. For that, I am proud that I am a nurse.”

Charlotte Wilkinson, BSN, RN, Pediatric Specialists of Texas, San Antonio, Texas

“When my father was diagnosed with cancer I was able to be there for him and my family. I was able to care for him and make sure he received the care he needed, and to die with dignity.”

Cindy McHenry, Clinical Nurse Manager, Goppert-Trinity Family Care, Kansas City, Missouri

“In the beginning of my career as a nurse, to be recognized as a leader within my profession while in nursing school, working with my classmates to further our understanding of the profession, and graduating nursing school at the top of my class. Since graduation, the relationships that I have built with patients and staff; the trust that I have built and dedication that I have shown to patients and staff throughout the 30 years that I have been a nurse.”

Lisa Eastham, Clinical Staff Trainer, College Park Family Care, Overland Park, Kansas

“I am proud to be a nurse every day in some way. Recently we had a patient that was dropped off at our building but not taken to our suite, she was not able to communicate or care for herself. I helped identify the patient and get her to where she needed to be. I communicated with the family and her care facility regarding the transportation issue. This instance hit me very hard emotionally; I could not fathom how someone could do this to another human being. I was proud to be a nurse because I advocated for my patient when she was not able to do so.”

Emily Carlson, RN Clinical Supervisor, Kansas City Vascular and General Surgery Group, Kansas City, Missouri

“There is not just one moment, but many small moments. Our physicians started having me hand out angel pins and pillows to all of our post-op patients in the hospital. Years can go by, and these ladies still have that angel and still thank us for touching their lives in such a special way.”

Karen Miller, RN, Rocky Mountain Gynecologic Oncology, Englewood, Colorado

“One of the things that makes me proud to be a nurse is when I receive positive feedback from my patients who have recovered from a terminal illness.”

Wezzie Munthali, BSN, RN, Alaska Regional Senior Health Clinic, Anchorage, Alaska

Celebrating Nurses Across HCA Healthcare 
National Nurses Week 2018 
Photo shows headshots with names underneath:
Lisa Eastham
Megan Corsetti
Charlotte Wilkinson
Emily Carlson
Cindy McHenry
Debra Fullerton
Karen Miller
Wendi Osborne
Asheley Rushing
Wezzie Muthali
Shay Martin

Thank you to those who helped us connect with these committed caregivers and to those who shared your stories with us. And, we send our deepest appreciation to all of our nurses for tireless dedication to caring for and improving human life each and every day.

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