HCA Healthcare recognizes National Nursing Assistants Week

A group of nursing assistants wearing scrubs
Certified nursing assistants at Twin Cities Hospital are on the front-lines of healthcare, working side by side with registered nurses to provide high-quality care.

Danielle Hull’s career choice is one of passion. The physical demands and grueling schedule certainly isn’t the reason she has served in the role for 10 years. Instead, she holds down the challenging and rewarding job of a patient care technician because it’s a calling – “to serve others with your gifts of compassion”.

A female patient care tech wearing black scrubs with a pink stethoscope around her neck

Danielle Hull is passionate about serving others in the role of patient care technician at Twin Cities Hospital, an HCA Healthcare affiliate.

As HCA Healthcare recognizes National Nursing Assistants Week (June 13-June 20), we want to celebrate all of the nursing assistants who provide hands-on care and keep our patients safe and comfortable.

“Nursing assistants are on the front lines of healthcare, working side by side with registered nurses and other team members to ensure our patients get great care,” said Jane Englebright, HCA Healthcare’s Chief Nurse Executive. “The quality of their service to patients and their families is critical to achieving great outcomes. The entire team relies on them.”

Raise the bar

HCA Healthcare nursing assistants raise the bar to provide care to patients and help them with daily activities that are important to their care, health and happiness. Nursing assistants help the unit or facility run smoothly and can work in multiple settings including long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. As of 2016, there were approximately 1.4 million nursing assistants employed across the United States.

Hull, a patient care tech at Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville, Florida, believes the role of a nursing assistant is an important one, but it is not for everyone. “When you clock in, you’re there to take care of people the way they need to be taken care of, the way they want to be taken care of, and the way that’s best for them,” she said.

A male doctor listening to a patient's heart with a stethoscope

The now 10-year nursing assistant veteran took the nine-week course to become a patient care tech after a promise made to a close friend in 2009. Today, she wouldn’t trade it for anything, saying,

“It’s a calling – to serve others with your gifts of compassion.”

Care like family

Hull starts each three-day, 12-hour shift with an unyielding desire to connect with her patients and healthcare family.

“Trust is earned—trust between patients and caregivers and trust between coworkers. It is important that I give as much as I can each and every day to my patients and colleagues,” she said. “I treat everyone equally, care for them the way they wish to be cared for, and honor their wishes.”

Hull and her colleagues at Twin Cities Hospital are a close-knit team that care for their patients and each other like family. They are rewarded with an unbreakable bond that keeps them coming back each day.

Hull says, “If you’re thinking of becoming a nursing assistant, remember – you’ve got to have the heart for it. If you’re already a nursing assistant, keep using your talent because taking care of someone is the most important gift you can give.”

Hull is the epitome of a great patient care technician – knowledgeable, patient, flexible, observant, empathetic, compassionate and respectful.

Happy Nursing Assistants Week to her, her colleagues and to each and every nursing assistant across HCA Healthcare!

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