HCA Healthcare’s ‘top 10’ stories of 2019 are…


As 2019 comes to a close, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to remind us of what captivated our attention this year…


Across HCA Healthcare’s 184 hospitals and more than 2,000 sites of care, 2019 was filled with medical breakthroughs, stories demonstrating the power of scale in health care delivery and heartwarming accounts of our colleagues providing compassionate, patient-centered care.

We tapped HCA Healthcare Today’s analytics team to bring you HCA Healthcare’s most read stories of 2019. The topics ranged from nurses making a difference, an innovative partnership with the U.S. Army and a pop star’s visit with pediatric oncology patients in Texas.

We thank each and every one of our readers, and we look forward to keeping you “in the know” in 2020! Happy reading!

10. May 16: HCA Healthcare technology saved nurse’s life by spotting deadly sepsis signs

Sabrina Burkdoll, a registered nurse at HCA Healthcare’s Menorah Medical Center, was faced with her own healthcare challenge – sepsis—a life-threatening condition that can lead to organ failure and death. Thanks to HCA Healthcare’s algorithm-driven platform, S-P-O-T (Sepsis Prediction and Optimization of Therapy), Sabrina’s hospital was able to save her life by quickly identifying and treating her sepsis condition. SPOT has not only saved Sabrina’s life, but the lives of 8,000 HCA Healthcare patients.

Female healthcare professional fixing medical equipment in a hospital room
SPOT has not only saved nurse Sabrina Burkdoll’s life, but the lives of 8,000 HCA Healthcare patients.

9. April 19: HCA Healthcare inks partnership with the U.S. Army

In April, HCA Healthcare signed a partnership agreement with the United States Army Medical Recruiting Brigade. Called the Patriot Partnership Program, this important initiative allows the Army to provide specialized training for our residency and fellowship programs, and provides an opportunity for our residents and fellows to learn about financial support offered through serving in the Army Reserves.

Man in military uniform sitting at a table and signing a document
In April, HCA Healthcare signed a partnership agreement with the United States Army Medical Recruiting Brigade.

8. November 15: ‘The heartbeat of the hospital’: meet viral HCA Healthcare nurse Caty Nixon

A photo of Caty Nixon, a labor and delivery nurse at HCA Healthcare’s Medical City McKinney, went viral when her sister posted it along with a sentimental caption thanking Caty and all nurses for their invaluable work. It didn’t take long for Good Morning America to come knocking and whisk Caty off on an ultimate spa day. Thanks to Caty and all our 94,000 nurses for all you do to give our patients healthier tomorrows!

Large group of healthcare professionals standing in front of wall that says, "Medical City McKinney" with balloons
In November, Good Morning America celebrated HCA Healthcare nurse, Caty Nixon.

 7. September 10: The HCA Healthcare nurse behind the viral hurricane onesies

And speaking of viral nurses, Lauren Hodges, a transition nursery nurse at HCA Healthcare’s Orange Park Medical Center, raised the bar for women’s and children’s services this past fall. As Hurricane Dorian threatened the coastal communities of Florida, Lauren sought to uplift our culture of uninterrupted, patient-centered care by creating special hurricane-themed onesies to welcome six newborn babies into the world.

An infant wears a onesie that reads, "I was in the hurricane evacuation plan" laying on a blanket next to sign that says "Yuliana"
Hurricane onesies, crafted by HCA Healthcare nurse Lauren Hodges went viral this past September. Within 24 hours, the Orange Park Medical Center hurricane babies had been shared through over 50 media outlets across the United States and on national news to include CNN, MSN and U.S. News.

 6. July 11: Late Disney star Cameron Boyce suffered from epilepsy: what you need to know

You probably saw the heartbreaking news that Cameron Boyce—famed Disney Channel star—tragically passed away after suffering a seizure in his sleep due to epilepsy. Neurologist Dr. Suzette LaRoche, an epilepsy specialist at HCA Healthcare’s Mission Health, sheds light on the neurological disorder.

Headshot of Cameron Boyce
Neurologist Dr. Suzette LaRoche, an epilepsy specialist at HCA Healthcare’s Mission Health, shed light on the neurological disorder that claimed the life of Disney channel star Cameron Boyce. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

5. April 8: Mick Jagger recovers from heart surgery; what to know about valve replacements

Mick Jagger—the iconic rock star we know and love—underwent a heart valve replacement surgery earlier this year. Dr. Jennifer Hanna, a cardiothoracic surgeon at HCA Healthcare’s The Medical Center of Aurora gave us a closer look at heart valve disease and surgery options, including Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR).

Headshot of Mick Jagger
In April, Dr. Jennifer Hanna, a cardiothoracic surgeon at HCA Healthcare’s The Medical Center of Aurora shed light on heart valve disease and surgery options. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

4. January 19: Justin Timberlake visits cancer patients at Methodist Children’s Hospital

JT saw Me(thodist Children’s Hospital)! After an adorable plea for Justin Timberlake to visit the HCA Healthcare hospital, the superstar made a pit stop during his tour and visited with patients and caregivers.

Justin Timberlake stands with young boy
In January, pop star Justin Timberlake visited affiliate Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Justin is pictured here with oncology patient, Reggie, as they gear up to ring the bell together, celebrating Reggie’s last round of chemotherapy.

3. March 9: 10 HCA Healthcare hospitals ranked among nation’s top 100

In March, we were thrilled to announce that 10 HCA Healthcare hospitals were ranked as one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the nation. The annual study is published by the prestigious IBM Watson Health, which identifies the top hospitals in the U.S. based on clinical, operational and patient satisfaction scores.

14 healthcare professionals standing together
2019 marked the 10th consecutive year affiliate St. David’s Medical Center, including the St. David’s Georgetown Hospital and Heart Hospital of Austin campuses, has earned an IBM Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals designation.

 2. November 25: HCA Healthcare responds to stroke 30% faster than the national standard

Stroke is one of the most time-sensitive conditions in all of medicine and fast treatment is crucial to saving a life. As the nation’s largest provider of healthcare, HCA Healthcare is not just moving with the tide, but leading it, responding to stroke 30% faster than the national standard. We break down what happens when someone has a stroke, and what HCA Healthcare is doing to respond to strokes faster.

Outside of an emergency department with sign reading "EMERGENCY"
“Our industry leading stroke performance is a product of our talented physicians and hospital teams coupled with the power of HCA Healthcare’s scale,” says Kevin Orndorff, HCA Healthcare’s vice president of neuroscience.

Drumroll please… and the most popular blogpost of 2019 is…

1.  April 29: HCA Healthcare rolls out new colleague benefits

One of HCA Healthcare’s most valuable resources is our human resources. HCA Healthcare is now offering benefits that are specifically designed to support our colleagues’ families and careers, including expanded family leave, tuition reimbursement, student loan assistance, a dependent scholarship program and clinical certification support programs.

Woman in graduation cap and gown smiling and walking inside home
HCA Healthcare continues to invest up to $300 million in workforce development over the course of three years in the areas of expanded paid family leave benefits, education and training, education assistance and scholarship programs for colleagues’ children.

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