HCA Healthcare celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month

API Heritage Month

Each May, Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month commemorates the vital contributions of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and native Hawaiians to the American story and recognizes the challenges many have faced along the way.

At HCA Healthcare, we are committed to ensuring equity from the inside out by strengthening our diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion. Across our organization, Colleague Networks provide our healthcare professionals with spaces to convene around shared commonalities or experiences. To celebrate API Heritage Month, we are highlighting a few of our API Colleague Network chapter leaders. Currently being established at the division/market level, Colleague Network chapters increase opportunities for engagement and allow colleagues to step into leadership roles and develop programs and initiatives designed to positively impact the organization.

Seth Yu, Senior Counsel, HCA Healthcare

Headshot of Seth Yu
Seth Yu, Senior Counsel, HCA Healthcare

Seth Yu, Senior Counsel at HCA Healthcare’s corporate office in Nashville, Tennessee, became a chapter leader for the API Colleague Network as a great way to give back to our organization.

“We are truly fortunate to have a company that places tremendous value in community, family and colleagues,” said Seth. “It is a privilege to be able to contribute back positively and constructively.”

He believes the human connection and awareness that the API Colleague Network provides can lead to reducing anti-Asian sentiment that has risen in the United States over the past two years.

“By creating a safe space, such as Colleague Networks, to share common experiences and to connect with one another, HCA Healthcare is taking steps to restore public virtue and our value system, which, as John Adams believed, is just as important as constitutional governance,” said Seth.

In addition, Seth sees the API Colleague Network making an impact on HCA Healthcare as an extension of Dr. Frist’s statement “good people beget good people.”

“A positive and vibrant space for shared commonalities and experiences will not only connect but also grow colleagues,” said Seth. “Colleague Networks will help HCA Healthcare to both attract and retain talent who thrive from the diversity of thought and people.” 

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Garima Kabra Stack, Vice President, Quality & Patient Safety, HCA Healthcare’s South Atlantic Division

Headshot of Garima Kabra Stack
Garima Kabra Stack, Vice President, Quality & Patient Safety, HCA Healthcare’s South Atlantic Division

Garima Kabra Stack, vice president of quality and patient safety for HCA Healthcare’s South Atlantic Division, believes leading her API Colleague Network will lead to a greater sense of belonging for colleagues and hopes to encourage API colleagues to openly share their values and cultural beliefs for further understanding.

“I myself was shy about speaking up in meetings and group settings because I thought people wouldn’t understand my accent,” said Garima. “Then, one day, one of my mentors told me that I was doing myself a disadvantage by not sharing all that I had to offer. That resonated with me, and it made me see the trust and confidence the leaders had in me and the support I had in them.”

Garima notes that especially given the world’s “global environment of divisiveness,” these networks are important to best support our Asian and Pacific Islander colleagues and communities.

“HCA Healthcare is making an effort to bring our diverse colleagues together, to instill a sense of belonging and safety and a promise of professional growth and fulfillment. I am positive that suggestions coming from the Colleague Networks will be transformative and make our HCA Healthcare community stronger and more unified.”

Garima Kabra Stack, Vice President, Quality & Patient Safety, HCA Healthcare’s South Atlantic Division

Garima sees the API network impacting her division by providing a support system for colleagues to discuss concerns, challenges and share solutions.

“My vision is seeing HCA Healthcare as the preferred employer for diverse colleagues, and I am certain that the start of these networks is a big step towards success,” said Garima.

Dillon Rai, VP, Operations, Swedish Medical Center

Headshot of Dillon Rai
Dillon Rai, Vice President, Operations, Swedish Medical Center

Dillon Rai, vice president of operations at HCA Healthcare’s Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colorado, is excited to raise awareness about the needs of the API community by leading the API Colleague Network for HCA Healthcare’s Continental Division.

“The API population is typically the smallest within the general population,” said Dillon. “As a result, it is hard to find colleagues and mentors that come from the same background as you. I hope that the API network can do good work for the community, but also help members find new colleague connections that can help them grow, develop, and advance within HCA Healthcare.”

He sees the API Colleague Network making an impact by identifying key issues within the community that can be impacted by a healthcare skillset. In fact, his division’s API Colleague Network chapter is focusing on raising awareness for healthcare disparities within the API community, such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

“Our Colleague Network is littered with examples of relatives passing or suffering because of these preventable disparities,” said Dillon. “We can help connect API patients with HCA Healthcare clinical resources to raise the overall health of the population. We want to educate the API community on how to close these healthcare disparities and how HCA Healthcare can be their partner on their journey.”

Dillon believes HCA Healthcare can best support our API colleagues and communities by continuing to partner with market-specific organizations to show solidarity with the API community. “API members want to know that our organization sees the events happening in the country and is willing to use its voice and resources to stand behind and protect its employees.”

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