LGBTQ+ inclusion: Creating safe spaces to provide community-oriented care

Celebrating Pride Month

June is Pride Month, a time to recognize the significant impact of the LGBTQ+ community and Colleague Network leaders who are championing a culture of inclusion at HCA Healthcare.

Most of these chapters were launched in 2022, but have already made great strides in impacting colleague engagement and patient care. The leaders you will meet below are volunteering their time to establish and grow their local LGBTQ+ Colleague Network chapters and are making a difference for LGBTQ+ colleagues and patients at HCA Healthcare.

Read more about why they took on the important responsibility of proudly serving as chapter leaders.

Dani Miano, Patient Care Coordinators Manager
HCA Healthcare’s San Antonio Division (Texas)

Headshot of Dani Miano
Dani Miano, Patient Care Coordinators Manager, HCA Healthcare’s San Antonio Division

Dani Miano, a manager of patient care coordinators for HCA Healthcare’s San Antonio Division, joined our organization in 2022 and quickly became a founding member of her local LGBTQ+ Colleague Network.

“I’m really passionate about embracing diversity in the workplace and fostering spaces where people with a shared identity can come together,” said Dani. “When I found out Colleague Networks were being stood up, I was excited at the idea of being able to help them grow from the beginning.”

Dani also believes the network can help create community among our LGBTQ+ colleagues and a place where colleagues can show up authentically and not need to worry about whether they will be accepted, understood or embraced.

“As a network, I hope that we can increase education around trans, non-binary and other queer identities, with the goal of always working towards making our healthcare system a safer place for our patients,” said Dani. “I believe that by creating and strengthening relationships with community partners, we can make a great impact within the broader HCA Healthcare community.”

HCA Healthcare colleagues holding Pride flags at a table
Members of HCA Healthcare’s San Antonio Division LGBTQ+ Colleague Network attended the SAC (San Antonio College) Pride Event and Parade in 2023.

Jacob Wallingford, Director of Finance 
Marketing and Corporate Affairs (Tennessee)

Headshot of Jacob Wallingford
Jacob Wallingford, Director of Finance, HCA Healthcare Marketing and Corporate Affairs

Jacob Wallingford joined HCA Healthcare in 2019 and currently serves as the director of finance for the organization’s Marketing and Corporate Affairs Department in Nashville, Tennessee. Jacob is a founding member of the corporate Colleague Network chapter and was excited to join the network to connect with other LGBTQ+ colleagues.

“I hope that the network is a safe place for people to connect and share their experiences so we can provide unique perspectives to our colleagues both in and out of the network,” said Jacob. “This can help us to support other LGBTQ+ organizations and improve healthcare for our LGBTQ+ patients.”

Jacob adds,I feel proud each time someone messages asking how they can get involved in the network, when the next event is, or wants to partner in some way to understand an LGBTQ+ perspective. One moment that stands out – a colleague contacted me to share their coming out story and how to navigate that both personally and professionally. I certainly didn’t have all the answers, but I was proud that the Colleague Network was available to connect us in a way that may not have happened otherwise.”

Did you know? Established in 2020, HCA Healthcare’s Colleague Networks program has grown significantly in the past three years. We now have nine Colleague Networks and 120 local chapters, serving a wide range of commonalities, with over 7,500 colleagues participating across the organization.

Hytham Rashid, DO, MPH, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine
HCA Houston Healthcare (Texas)

Headshot of Hytham Rashid
Hytham Rashid, DO, MPH, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, HCA Houston Healthcare

Hytham Rashid, DO, MPH joined HCA Healthcare in 2020 and currently serves as the chief resident physician of internal medicine at affiliate HCA Houston Healthcare. He is pursuing a career in cardiology and is passionate about treating Houston’s LGBTQ+ refugee community. He strives to create safe spaces to provide community-oriented care.

“As both a Palestinian refugee, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I deeply empathize with both my communities as they often have limited resources and are doubly disenfranchised,” said Dr. Rashid. “I joined our Colleague Network chapter and became a leader for the opportunity to coordinate inclusive events to advocate for both communities.”

As the chapter chair, Dr. Rashid has coordinated several educational events for HCA Healthcare’s Gulf Coast Division colleagues and the greater Houston community. The chapter also strives to advocate for the greater Houston LGBTQ+ community by building strong bridges between HCA Healthcare and local organizations.

“This year our leaders were invited to attend a mental health and wellness fair at a local high school,” said Dr. Rashid. “At the fair, members interacted with the next generation of leaders by sharing their personal stories and journeys in medicine. As our chapter grows, we look forward to providing more opportunities like this. We are always open to new ideas and events that build community.”

HCA Healthcare and TriStar Health recognized for inclusion efforts

On June 2, 2023, the Tennessee Pride Chamber hosted their 10th Annual Pride in Business Awards recognizing LGBTQ+ owned businesses, allied businesses, nonprofits, corporate partners and advocates throughout Tennessee.

HCA Healthcare and affiliate TriStar Health were named collectively as the 2023 Corporate Partner of the Year by the Tennessee Pride Chamber for a strong commitment to diversity in the workplace and growing the LBGTQ+ and allied business community. 

HCA Healthcare colleague accepts award at the Tennessee Pride Chamber ceremony
On June 2, 2023, HCA Healthcare and affiliate TriStar Health were named the 2023 Corporate Partner of the Year by the Tennessee Pride Chamber. 

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