A note of thanks to my colleagues: honoring our HCA Healthcare heroes during National Hospital Week

A group of Information Technology colleagues and patient care providers wearing face masks
Information Technology (IT) colleagues and patient care providers at affiliate Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso, Texas.

Every one of our approximately 280,000 colleagues—whether providing direct patient care or supporting those who do—play a critically important role in helping to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. This National Hospital Week, May 10-16, we pay tribute to all our talented and compassionate team members who work together each day to advance healthcare across our organization and throughout the communities we serve.

A chalk art drawing that says Thank You for Caring for Our Community

Even in uncertain times, the one true constant has always been our people, and within the last few days, we have received an overwhelming response from colleagues across the country who have submitted thank you notes in recognition of their fellow colleagues who have stood tall and bravely faced this global health crisis head on.

Here are just a few of the many notes of appreciation received to date.

Frontline Fighters

“Thank you all frontline fighters for being so brave and decisive to battle against the effects of this pandemic. Not too many have the courage to go to battle and not knowing where the enemy is, even though you hear and see the damage and pain it is causing. Not too many risk their own life to exhaustion, while leaving their loved ones at home, waiting for your return. Thank you for keeping us, our friends, family and community alive and healthy! You are all in our prayers, with admiration and pride. Thank you!” – Camilo Giraldo, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions, IT Analytics

“Thank you to all of our healthcare workers who are selflessly dedicating their time to help others. You are heroes for choosing to be on the frontlines every day during this dangerous time. Sending peaceful vibes your way, and hoping for positive news to come.” – Kellyn Johnson, Parallon, Learning & Development

“I would like to thank all the nurses, doctors, healthcare providers on the frontlines that are working diligently to take care of our patients and their families. I appreciate all you are doing for all of us. Thank you for keeping us all safe!” – Lisa Garcia, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions, DHP

Unsung Heroes

“Our Environmental Services Teams are another group of unsung heroes! You make a hospital a safe place for someone to walk into when he/she needs care. You make a room like new between patients, so the next person admitted has a feeling and experience like he/she is the first person to ever occupy it. You make an ICU a safer place for healthcare providers to work day in and day out. You go into battle against infectious organisms so that people who enter our hospitals—to give or receive care—can afterward walk back out of those doors and take in the gift of a deep breath once again. Thank you for showing up and doing the painstaking work every day that benefits all of us.” – Josh Sadler, Corporate IT

“Thank you to our incredible Employee Health department! These nurses have been working behind the scenes to provide care like family for our caregivers since day one. We are so lucky to have our Employee Health nurses, Brandy and Beryl, who are always a calm presence in the midst of an ever changing environment.” – Jennifer Iller, Medical City Arlington, Human Resources

“I would like to thank all the wonderful healthcare colleagues that work at HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe! During my 15+ years with HCA Healthcare, I have seen our employees step up to the challenge time and time again, and 2020 has been no different. Each person’s commitment to HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe has created a great culture and our employees raise the bar every day in their care for our patients and each other!” – Diana Howell, HCA Houston Healthcare Conroe, Human Resources

Resilience and Compassion

“Remembering my time in the military during the event of 9/11, I noticed thousands of individuals were inspired to join the military. Now, during this unprecedented event, I am certain your sacrifice is inspiring a new generation across the globe to join the healthcare provider field. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and sacrifice!” – Neal Rigsby, Corporate Litigation

“Thank you for the resilience and compassion you bring forth every day. It’s an honor to support you in your service to patients and their families in these challenging times.” – Kelsey McManus, HR Shared Operations

“I want to offer my admiration and gratitude to all of our caregivers. The strength of the HCA Healthcare culture runs deep throughout this organization. It is our caregivers who carry this on through their compassion, courage and commitment to excellence. Thank you for caring like family every day and living the commitment to our mission!” – Charlie Toney, HR Employee Benefits

“You are our heroes 365 days every year. But during these days, it seems what you’ve signed up for places you in harm’s way more than ever. ‘Thank you’ seems woefully inadequate, so I add my prayers for your well-being…emotionally, spiritually, physically and in every other way possible. Thank you!” – Dennis Morgan, ITG Talent Acquisition

A group of hospital caregivers in an operating room
Colleagues in the OR at affiliate TriStar Centennial in Nashville, Tenn.

Flower Power

“A Blooming Tribute at the Bradford Robertson Color Garden’s arches at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN, has been purchased in honor of HCA Healthcare heroes. It is my way to say ‘Thank you.’ My hope is you will be able to get out there and enjoy it with your families soon.” – Susan Kirk, HR Employee Benefits

Express Your Gratitude

If you would like to share your appreciation of our healthcare heroes, submit a thank you note on the “Thank You, Healthcare Heroes” page. Let our healthcare heroes know that their courage, diligence, selflessness and passion makes you proud to be part of HCA Healthcare. Make sure to follow @HCAHealthcare on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for additional updates and activities celebrating National Hospital Week.

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