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As a large majority of the world has gone virtual in response to the pandemic, so has the hiring process at HCA Healthcare. Below, HCA Healthcare recruiters give their top tips to help you stand out online during COVID-19.

As if searching for a new career isn’t overwhelming and stressful enough — from resume preparation and job searching, to the actual interview process and onboarding — throw in a global pandemic, and it’s almost more than one can handle. What does this mean for job seekers?

With thousands of positions at HCA Healthcare that make a positive impact on our patients, we have shifted the majority of the hiring process online; but has it really changed due to COVID-19?

Yes and no. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect during HCA Healthcare’s hiring process:

  • Get your resume noticed in an ultra-competitive market With unemployment rates at historic highs nationally, the pandemic has increased the number of job seekers and decreased the number of jobs available. While not all industries were impacted equally, it’s important to ensure your resume is current and stands out to hiring managers. Are you a nurse or certified tech? Don’t forget to list the different specialties you support. We are also hiring for non-licensed/certified positions such as housekeepers, food and nutrition service workers and patient care techs. When applying, ensure that your application includes your complete and accurate work history.
  • Prepare for the interview process – Have you ever interviewed with a mask on? Have you social distanced at a conference room table for an interview? Chances are many of these scenarios are just a few things you might encounter while interviewing at one of our approximately 2,000 sites of care.
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Nicole Reza, recruiting director in HCA Healthcare’s Mountain Division

You might not recognize aspects of the virtual interview process, so some additional preparation and flexibility might be necessary. For example, before COVID-19, unless you were an out-of-state job seeker it was commonplace that you’d be invited to our hospitals to interview with the hiring manager, followed by a unit tour or job shadow. While some organizations have opted to continue in-person interviews, others have opted for more creative environments from drive-up interviews, to virtual hiring events and 1:1 video interviews with hiring managers. Be open to interviewing when the hiring manager is available. Be responsive, and keep the lines of communication open!

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Creative ways to recruit jobseekers while keeping everyone safe

Over the last three months, HCA Healthcare has facilitated 202 virtual events where we’ve received 3,026 leads and conducted 1,686 virtual interviews.

In HCA Healthcare’s Mountain Division, to keep communication current with RN new grads, we have offered weekly virtual chat sessions to discuss current opportunities and general job information. For the actual interview process, the most common process has been video interviews, through Modern Hire interview technology.

In our North Florida Division, during interviews we’ve offered candidates the opportunity to conduct virtual chat sessions with the recruitment team and then schedule candidates for one of many virtual video interview days with hiring managers. Virtual interview days allow hiring managers to interview multiple candidates for multiple positions in a short amount of time. While most of the sites in the North Florida Division have returned to on-site interviews, they still have sites that are continuing with the online method that meets the varying needs of the candidates and facilities alike.

HCA Healthcare recruiters in our East Florida Division tried something new with a Virtual Hiring Day. Each hiring manager chose one day where they could dedicate 5-6 hours for virtual interviews with potential candidates. After two completed Virtual Hiring Days with openings at two hospitals, six candidates accepted job offers to prove for a successful process!

Woman wearing black jacket. Headshot of Allysun Struska.
Allysun Struska, recruiter in HCA Healthcare’s East Florida Division

The post-offer process doesn’t have to feel daunting. The HCA Healthcare pre-employment process is kept concise and includes a background check, a drug test and onboarding completion. Everything is electronic, so be sure to check your emails and complete required documentation promptly. And remember, flexibility is key!

These are just a few things to take into consideration while navigating the COVID-19 job search. HCA Healthcare continues to find the most innovative and creative ways to staff our hospitals. We want the hiring process to be as seamless as possible for job seekers, and understanding that things are shifting everyday will help you more effectively navigate your next career move.

Virtually unlock possibilities with us – we’re actively searching to fill more than 21,000 roles, to include nursing and other healthcare professionals. Search our newly redesigned career site to take a look at all of our upcoming hiring events for all of our facilities. It’s easy to connect with one of our recruiters virtually so that you can begin the job seeking process with HCA Healthcare:

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